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Hung Thinh Company provides installation services of fire protection systems in the Southern region

Công ty Hưng Thịnh có phục vụ dịch vụ lắp đặt hệ thông PCCC ở khu vực Miền Nam ?

Hạn sử dụng bình chữa cháy bao lâu? Khi nào thì nạp lại?

- Fire extinguisher expiration date:

To ensure that the quality of the fire extinguisher is always in the best condition to effectively extinguish fires, it is necessary to comply with the inspection and refilling process according to the following regular deadlines:

  • Every 6 months for refilled fire extinguishers.
  • Every 12 months for new fire extinguishers.

Before each gas refill and after 5 years of use, the cylinder must be hydraulically tested. After passing the required intensity level of at least 30 MPa, it can be used.

- When to refill the fire extinguisher:

For powder-type fire extinguishers, there is a clock display, if it shows the red mark, it means that it is urgent, and it will soon run out. For CO2 gas fire extinguishers, the gas runs out or not depending on the weight of the cylinder.

When it runs out or reaches the deadline, the fire extinguisher needs to be refilled, and this work must be done by a specialized team. Depending on the area where the fire extinguisher is placed, regular maintenance inspections should be scheduled. If it is in an area with a high risk of fire and explosion, such as oil warehouses or fuel and chemical plants, it is necessary to maintain and inspect them every 6 months in accordance with the warranty period to ensure safety and readiness.

"How many types of fire extinguishers are available on the market? How to use them?"




Fire extinguishers are essential initial firefighting equipment, from households to factories, apartments, and companies. In Vietnam, commonly used types of fire extinguishers are widely used. There are 2 common types of fire extinguishers on the market: CO2 fire extinguishers, powder fire extinguishers (powder fire extinguishers have 2 types of powder: BC and ABC) and there are also foam fire extinguishers.


Quickly distinguish between these 2 types of fire extinguishers based on the following characteristics:

Powder fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge, while CO2 fire extinguishers do not. You can refer to the specifications written on the fire extinguisher to distinguish quickly:

  • Powder extinguishers will have symbols MFZ, MFZL or BC, ABC.

Where: A (extinguishing solid materials), B (extinguishing liquid materials), C (extinguishing gas materials).

So, if the fire extinguisher is marked ABC, it means that the device can extinguish 3 types of fires: Solid, liquid, gas. If the extinguisher is only marked BC, it means that this device can only extinguish liquid and gas fires.

  • CO2 fire extinguishers will have symbols MT or CO2.


  • For powder fire extinguishers:

When a fire occurs, carry the extinguisher to the nearest location of the fire, shake the extinguisher 3-4 times to loosen the powder. Then, pull out the safety pin, point the nozzle towards the base of the fire. Hold the extinguisher at a distance of about 1.5m depending on each type of extinguisher, squeeze the valve to spray the fire extinguishing powder.

If it is a wheeled fire extinguisher, use it as follows:

Push the cart to the fire, pull out the hose to guide the powder out, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. Pull out the safety pin, pull the main valve on the square mouth of the extinguisher at a right angle to the ground. Hold the spray tube firmly in the direction of the wind and squeeze the nozzle, the powder will be sprayed out.

  • For CO2 extinguishers:

Step 1: Bring the gas fire extinguisher to the area that needs to be extinguished and keep a safe distance.

Step 2: Use your finger to pull the safety pin, hold the handle with one hand and squeeze the valve. Absolutely do not hold the extinguisher or the nozzle directly as it may cause dangerous cold burns.

Step 3: Hold the valve tightly and squeeze it to release the extinguishing agent in the direction of the nozzle until the fire is completely out.

Price for fire extinguisher refilling?

Hung Thinh Trading - Service - Construction Co., Ltd. provides and refills fire extinguishers in Ho Chi Minh City at affordable and reasonable prices, with full warranty for customers in need.

Please contact our Hotline at 0903 023 579, Zalo PCCC Hung Thinh, Email to receive the CHEAPEST and MOST CONVENIENT QUOTE for our customers.

For customers in need of large quantity refills, simply contact us and we will send our staff to collect and refill the extinguishers for you for FREE!

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