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ABC Powder Fire extinguisher - MFZL8

ABC Powder Fire extinguisher - MFZL8

Item: MFZL8
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Product Information

Model : MFZL8

Product Description
Cylinder Size: D162*H495mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Thread: M36*1.5
Temperature Range: -20°C ~ + 50°C
Discharge Time: 18seconds
Discharge Range: 5meters
Dry Powder Type: Ordinary Dry Powder
Cylinder Size: D162*H495mm
Valve and Gauge: Brass Valve Body, Spring Gauge
Bracket and Belt: Steel Wall Hook, PVC Black Belt
Hose and Siphon Tube: PVC Hose 580mm & PVC Siphon Tube 440mm

* Suitable for combating fires Combustible Solids , Flammable Liquids and Gas, Live Electrical Equipment
* Easier clean up after fire

Fire Extinguisher Operation Instruction
a. Quickly take extinguisher at a site, extend to 7 meters away to the fire;
b. Shaking cylinder up and down before use, to loose the inside powder;
c. Take out the discharge hose, then safety pin;
d. Hold the hose with one arm, aim the nozzle of the fire;
e. Push the handle, sweep side to side;
f. Keep upright position during powder spray, do not lying, upside down.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

a. Fire extinguisher is pressure vessel, should prevent collision during the transportation
b. Should placed within reach and in a dry and ventilated place at a temperature of -10°C~+45°C
c. Preventing damps, solarization
d. The parts in good installed, check it frequently
e. Regularly check if inside powder is caking, replace if yes
f. Regularly check if gauge pointed in green area
g. Recharge immediately after complete or partial use
h. Cylinder should be Hydraulic Tested every 5 years, qualified them can be used

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