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BC Fire extinguisher - MFZ1

BC Fire extinguisher - MFZ1

Item: MFZ1
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Product Information

1.0KG BC Small Fire Extinguisher


Features and Applicated :
* Sodium Bicarbonate Chemical powder BC
* Suitable for combating fires Flammable Liquids and Gas, Live Electrical Equipment
* Easier clean up after fire

Technical Data :
Capacity : 1.0+0.05kg
Discharge Time : > 8s
Discharge Range : > 3m
Temperature Range : -20°C ~ +55°C
Fire Class : 21B C
Working Pressure : 14Bar
Test Pressure : 27Bar

Accessories :
Brass body without hanger loop, small red or black handle
White nylon nozzle
PVC siphon tube M16*1.5*160mm
Burden Gauge, Dia 30mm, thread: M10*1-12.5, surface 13.7
Yellow plastic sealing
Steel black bracket

Operating Instruction :
1. Quickly take extinguisher at a site where 5 meters away from the fire;
2. Turn it upside down before use, to loose the dry powder inside;
3. Take out the safety pin;
4. Hold the discharge hose with one arm and push the pressing handle with the other;
5. Keep upright position during powder spray, do not lying, upside down

Maintenance :
1. Should placed within reach and in a dry and ventilated place;
2. Preventing damps, solarization;
3. The parts in good installed, check it frequently, be recharged once be used;
4. Regularly check if the dry powder is caking, replace immediately if yes;
5. Cylinder should be Hydraulic Tested every 5 years, qualified them can be used

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