Fire Alarm Control Panel

GST 2 loop Fire Alarm Control Panel

GST 2 loop Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Description: The GST 200 single loop twin loop addressable fire detection control panel is packed with features that are not usually associated with smaller systems. The GST 200 provides a high quality solution at exceptional value. By utilizing advanced GST Protocol, the system is compatible with the complete range of GST intelligent detectors, Sounders, Call Points, Interfaces, including intrinsically safe and gaseous extinguishing control. The GST 200 is manufactured and certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 and to BS5839 Part 4. The GST programming facilities enables advanced and complex cause and effects to be programmed with ease, including phased and cascade evacuation scenario. The GST zonal indication and control facility allows the operator to manually intervene, with evacuation and control of each zone,including control of all plant equipment under an alarm condition. Addressable security control facilities and gas release controls are built in as standard, making the system ideal for many applications such as Banks, Shops, Telecommunication Centers and GSM exchanges, industrial and commercial facilities. By utilizing the GST protocol the GST200 can be networked with up to 32 panels, not only the GST200 single loop panel, but also with the GST5000 four Loop panel and the GST5000 modular 20 loop controller, making this the perfect solution for large decentralized systems such as Shopping Centers Military campus industrial complexes, Holiday villages etc. Features and Benefits 1. Loop capacity 235 addresses 2. Graphical LCD Display. 3. 30 Zone indication including manual intervention and control 4. 3 programmable alarm output 5. Networkable with all GST Intelligent Fire Alarm panels 6. Programmable form PC 7. RS485 Repeater Output (Max. 10) 8. Built-in gas extinguishing control. 9. Integrated Security alarm facilities 10. Advanced user friendly programming software including ‘Fuzzy Logic’ 11. Optional Colour Graphics 12. Optional Fireman’s Control Panel 13. Optional Panel Printer Technical Specification - Standard EN54 Part 2/4 ; BS5839 Part 4 - Approvals LPCB,TRL Compliance, EEC, CE - Main Input Voltage 220 ± 10% VAC 50/60 Hz - Input Current Rating 0.75A - System Operating Voltage 24 VDC Nominal (17-29 VDC) - Zone Capacity 30 Zones programmable - Loop length 1.2 Km using 1.5mmsq cable - Standby Batteries Twin 12 Vdc Bat;12AH, 24 hours - Sounder Circuits (3) Output voltage 17 to 29 VDC - Output current: 500mA per output - Maximum total load 1.5A - EOL 10K resistor - Fuses Mains 1A (20mm A/S ceramic) - Sounders (2): 1A (20mm A/S) - Fire alarm Output 0.5A (20mm A/S) - Battery: 2A (20mm A/S HRC ceramic ) - (Fire alarm) Relay Output 0.5A at 24VDC - Common Fault Relay Output Volt-free changeover 1.0A at 24 VDC - 24 VDC Fused Output Maximum load 500mA at 17-28VDC - Battery Charging Current Limit 600mA 

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