Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire alarm control panel  (10/15/20 zone)RPP-ABW

Fire alarm control panel (10/15/20 zone)RPP-ABW

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Features 1. Multi purpose zone configuration - Versatile zone configuration to suit various alarm need. (Zone 1 is preset and fixed for fire alarm only) 2. Light weight and compact in size - 450mm(W) X 650mm(H) X 100mm(D), Approximately 13Kg 3. Easy installation - By means of ‘Wire Insertion’ terminals - Wide internal cabinet space of easy wiring - 180 degree wide panel door opening 4. Improved local bell control with programmable ‘silence’ timer - If the local bell is put on ‘silence’ mode after an initial alarm signal, any subsequent zone activation immediately re-triggers the local alarm. And should the system be left at ‘silence’ mode without subsequent zone activation, the local alarm will automatically trigger again after a custom preset time period from the first alarm activation. - The custom preset timer can be programmed to reactivate the local alarm after 2,4,6 or 8 minutes from the first alarm activation. 5. New functions - Improved lightning surge protection - Easy configuration of local bell and interlook release control, which can be monitored from the zone panel. - Functional test equipped with 2 reset modes for heat and smoke detectors. - ‘Hands-free’ intercom communication at control panel - Voltage display for ‘Stand by Battery’ test - Sound alert during ‘Time Delay’ operation - Optional pre-alarm alert for ‘Time Delay’ operation - Zone open circuit monitored Hochiki Conventional System Specifications RPP-ABW Type P Type 1st Class Fire Alarm Control Panel (with Time Delay Function) Model Name RPP-ABW(10,15,20) (JE) Circuit Type RPP-A24A Mains AC220V 50/60Hz Transformer Capacity 75VA Stand-by Battery DC 24V, 0.6 AH Battery Charger Ni-Cd Battery Trickle Charger Main Sounder Speaker (Voice Alarm equipped) Operating Temperature Range 0°C – 40°C Material Body, Front Door : Steel, 1.2mm, Baked Paint Display, Operation Panel : Self Extinguishing Plastic, 2mm Color Body, Front Door : Equivalent to Munsell 2.5Y9/1 Display, Operation Panel :Equivalent to Munsell 5Y6/0.5 Number of Zones 10,15, or 20 Zones Weight Approx. 13Kg Dimension 450mm(W) X 650mm(H) X 100mm(D) Made JAPAN

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