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Đầu báo dạng tia

Đầu báo dạng tia

Mã SP: NR120QM
Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin sản phẩm

- Four (4) Units Stacking The Eight(8) kind beams selection can allow the stacking or the long distance application. And Quad beams ensure ultimate stability too. - AND & OR Mode Selection AND : In case which Four(4) Beams are interrupted, Alarm activated. OR : In case which either of Upper 2 Beams OR Lower 2 Beams are interrupted, Alarm is activated. OR mode eliminates the intruder crawls through the lowest beam. Up to 120/200m for the Outdoor and 240/400m for the Indoor are extremely cost effective. - Four (4) ways Alignment (Optics, Voltmeter, Three(3) LEDs, Buzzer). These features offer the extreme easy alignment in any situation. - EDC(Environmental Discrimination Circuit) Beam reception level is severely dropped in heavy fog, snow and rain,often causing unwanted alarm activations. In case of such conditions, environmental trouble signal is sent to the controller to distinguish from intrusion. EDC gives additional stability in harsh environments. - Beam Power Control This unique feature controls the volume of beam transmission level according to the installed range. The unit transmits only the optimal beam energy required for each application, preventing reflection on nearby walls and cross talk with other detectors. - 100 Times Sensitivity Allowance Stable operation is maintained even if 99% of beam energy is lost by fog, snow or rain. - IP Rating: 54 Protection from rain, dust and insects. - Beam Interruption Time 50-500msec (adjustable)

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