Thiết Bị Báo Trộm

Đầu báo trộm 4/6/8 tia hồng ngoại SCS

Đầu báo trộm 4/6/8 tia hồng ngoại SCS

Mã SP: BS-400/BS-600/BS-800
Giá: Liên hệ

Thông tin sản phẩm

BS-400/BS-600/BS-800 Barrier- Curtain Sensor - Aluminum housing/PC anti-UV cover/ABS side cap. - LED alignment indicator - Cable wire or terminal block connection. - Sensing range: 8 m outdoor, 16 m indoor. - Number of Beams: * BS-400: 4 beams * BS-600: 6 beams * BS-800: 8 beams - Tx power adjustment: Normal/Strong. - Anti-tamper circuit triggers alarm if power is cut or end cap is romoved. - N.O./N.C./Common relay output. - Slim aluminum housing, anti high temperature/fog/rains. - Alarm: Break one or two adjacent beam. - L-brackets and mounting hardware included. - CE approved. - Enclosure / Case: IP65 / AI alloy - Easy, quick installation.

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