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Dụng cụ lập trình địa chỉ cho thiết bị TCH-B100-NS

Dụng cụ lập trình địa chỉ cho thiết bị TCH-B100-NS

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Giá: Liên hệ
Mã sản phẩm: TCH-B100-NS Hãng sản xuất: Hochiki Xuất xứ: Mỹ

Thông tin sản phẩm


- Compact unit

- Easy to use

- Provides address setting and reading

- Can be used on both sensors and modules

- Has the diagnostic ability to display the analogue value

- Automatically increments the address ready to set the address of the next sensor.

- Automatically switches the power off after use. 


TCH-B100-NS is designed for use with the following products: - ALG-V Analog Photoelectric Smoke Sensor - AIE-EA Analog Ionization Smoke Sensor - ATG-EA Analog Heat Sensor - FRCME-S DCP Fast Response Contact Module - FRCME-4 DCP Fast Response Contact Monitor - SOM DCP Signal Output Module - R2M DCP Dual Relay Module ADDRESS SETTING: 1. Install sensor onto programmer, ensuring that sensor protrusions align with programmer grooves. 2. Press the left gray button to switch programmed on. A battery check message will appear followed by the devices address (Unprogrammed sensors will read address 127). 3. Set the required address by incrementing the left and right gray buttons (the display will show three red flashing dots if the address being programmed is different from the device's current address). 4. When the desired address is present, press the red button to store that address. The three red dots on the display will no longer be present.

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